CME-Wide Lab Meetings

Our BII-MCE lab meetings focus on presentations of current research from all laboratories across the BII-MCE. These sessions allow for cross-lab interactions about various research projects that foster opportunities for collaborations and mentoring. These meetings also hold space for our professional development seminars, which directly contribute to the career development of graduate students, postdocs, and other research staff.

These lab meetings are open to collaborators and others interested in evolutionary cell biology. If you would like to join the mailing list for journal club, please contact Josh Hoskinson at [email protected]

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Fall 2022

DatePresenterPresenter PositionBII-MCE Host LabTitle
August 8, 2022Isadonna Tengganu, Jonathan Munera LopezPhD Student, CME

Postdoc, CME
Hu LabAdvice to parasites: Don’t hesitate to invade
September 12, 2022Doug ShepherdProfessor, Center for Biological PhysicsHu LabMicroscopic motility of isolated E.coli flagella
October 17, 2022Dagmar Jirsova

Yu-Ping Poh
Postdoc, CME

Postdoc, CME
Wideman LabDeveloping high-throughput pipelines to identify undiscovered diversity in the Sonoran Desert
December 12, 2022Jordan Bell

Patricia Stepp
SkySong Innovations, LLCBII-MCEProfessional Development Seminar: Intellectual Property and Patents

Spring 2022

DatePresenterPresenter PositionBII-MCE Host LabTitle
February 7, 2022Jeremy Wideman, Ke HuAssistant Professor, CME

Professor, CME
BII-MCEProfessional Development Seminar: Fostering Interdisciplinary and Diverse Collaborations
March 14, 2022Yue Hao, Timothy LicknackPostdoc, CME

PhD Student, CME
Lynch LabParamecium population genomics and proteomics
April 11, 2022Sam Apodaca, Kara SchmidlinLab Technician, CME

Postdoc, CME
Geiler-Samerotte LabA deep screen for drug-resistant mutations in S. cerevisiae using molecular barcodes
May 9, 2022Po-Lin ChiuAssistant Professor, Biodesign Center for Applied Structural DiscoveryLynch LabExploring the windows of selection for insecticide and drug resistance evolution


Fall 2021

DatePresenterPresenter PositionBII-MCE Host LabTitle
September 13, 2021Jeremy WidemanAssistant Professor,
Biodesign Center for Mechanisms of Evolution
Wideman LabThe Persistence of Homology: Making sense of the unity and diversity of eukaryotic ATP synthases
October 4, 2021Dewight WilliamsResearch Scientist, School of Life SciencesHu LabStructural investigations of DNA double strand break repair by non-homologues end joining through cryogenic TEM and single particle image reconstruction methods
November 1, 2021Elizabeth Trembath-ReichertAssistant Professor, School of Earth and Space ExplorationWideman LabA single cell perspective on subsurface life
December 6, 2021Silvie HuijbenAssistant Professor, School of Life SciencesGeiler-Samerotte LabExploring the windows of selection for insecticide and drug resistance evolution